Author Topic: Happy St. Patrick's Day  (Read 9324 times)

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Happy St. Patrick's Day
« on: March 17, 2012, 02:37:42 PM »
St. Patrick's Day flash mob in Toronto!  ;D
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Re: Happy St. Patrick's Day
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2012, 02:53:39 PM »
A friend of mine is a teacher, and one of his coworkers has gone on at great length about how he doesn't share his students' cultural experiences and therefore can't understand them.  He sent an e-mail to the entire faculty the other day about the stereotyping of the Irish in America.  This other teacher put a foil-wrapped chocolate coin and a picture of a dancing leprechaun in every teacher's mailbox yesterday.  And according to my friend, it wasn't even good chocolate.
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