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Talwar's Double Murder case
« on: March 21, 2020, 09:11:46 AM »
As I watch constantly Indian movies, I came across two movies that discussed the same topic: a true story of murder that happened in India in 2008 and remains to be unsolved till today. I became obsessed about the case, trying to read everything I could about it.
There was a girl murdered next to her parents' bedroom, and the servant of the house found killed on the terrace. The crime shock India and the media interfered a lot. The police did many unprofessional mistakes that unfortunately lead to the case being inconclusive. The parents are now out of jail, but the police remain convinced it is them who did it. 

I said I would turn to you guys for your analytical skills.  If you have the patience to read and come up with a plausible conclusion, let me know what it is. The link of Wikipedia gives a good summary and you can if you want read other links on google.


Edited to add episodes of interviews with different people that I am currently watching
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