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I've heard this 5G thingy also.  They claim the cruise boats started getting sick because of the satellite 5G beam technology.  The nursing homes and hospitals were ramping up 5G for their new wireless healthcare monitoring and places around hubs were first infections.  But it was some Chinese 5G that was banned.  Some frequency with beam technology which concentrated the signal right at the user for the duration of the call was suspected as older mobile systems used a tower triangulation method.  US is building their own safer 5G and many countries have banned Chinese 5G.  But all countries are racing to install this 5G for the monetary gain it will bring.
Some have theorized that MERS was a result of this beam technology originally to locate terrorist by tracking their phones and became more affective than sending drone missile.
The signal threat in the past was coined the invisible threat as in the case of the Moscow signal.
In the 60's and 70' they noted that astronauts returning from the moon had elevated viruses in their bodies.  Mostly reactivated chicken pox or shingles viruses and it was concluded that cosmic radiation reactivated dormant viruses.
  Today astronauts stay mostly beneath the Van Allen Belts to reduce exposure to this radiation and complications with reactivated viruses.  Space medication is catching up with this issue as astronauts to the space station take many vaccinations prior to their arrival but are still not exposed to the full range of frequencies needed to go beyond.
To actually go to Mars they will need to create many more vaccinations and subject many more.   Different frequencies will have to be tested to evaluate what viruses reactivate.  Global exposure to these frequencies and the viruses, the vaccinations discovered and medical knowledge learned is the fast tract to space travel. a8Glf

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