Author Topic: Guardian article - Are the 2012 Olympics part of a plot to take over the world?  (Read 21239 times)

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Provided you're not joking, please provide some proof of this claim.
Maybe I should rephrase. Have you heard the idiotic rumor that the Aurora... etc.

Ah! Sometimes this forum can make me a little literal minded at times.
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I'm not convinced of the value of firearms in self-defence or defence of the home.
I maintain that it is virtually impossible to use a firearm defensively.

Having said all that, I recognise there are large cultural differences between Australia and the USA. We won our independence peacefully, and don't have many large and dangerous wild animals
Yes, all of your dangerous wild animals are tiny, and carry enough venom to eradicate the entire population of the continent.  ;D
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There have been stories about the IOC being dicks, but there were also stories about ghost town London. It didn't seem that way to me when I finally dared to cross the Colne. Then we find out that tourism stuff was indeed up, especially the West End.

Also, the beer festival I went to last week in Kensington, the venue was still called the Olympia, located next to Kensington (Olympia) station.

Though maybe it was the IOC what made TfL withdraw the District line shuttle to that station. Now that's a conspiracy theory worth talking about.