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Apollo LM rear panels

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I decided to ask the question in the private Apollo Lunar Module facebook group, and got this response:

--- Quote ---The blister covers test ports for the oxygen and helium tanks. This was asked three years ago in another FB group, and the answer came from Frank O'Brien.
--- End quote ---

along with this picture:

I did see some other suggestions that it was related to the those, but thought it less likely :) I guess keeping a check on those tanks as long as possible was just as important!

Edit: This doesn't really help, but it's a great little booklet!


Blimey it's a can of worms! A few other people have weighed in and suggested that it isn't that. One person suggests that the blister is over the bottom portion of the Rendezvous Radar Electronic Assembly - which is the furthest left (looking face on) on the equipment rack. I did some overlaying of two a couple and that process seems to confirm it, with it sitting over the bit I've circled:

That piece is kit is discussed here


Whether that means it specifically connects to it is another matter! It's possible that every module was connected to it for checking purposes prior to launch and that, if it was the last panel put on, this was the most convenient place for it.

Funny, I only ever thought that blister was on LM-5, but I've gone back and seen it in photographs of all the other LMs.  Scott Sullivan (Virtual LM) reproduces it in his model, but doesn't opine what it is.  The geometry has to work out, of course, but if Frank O'Brien is wrong this will be the first time.  Nobody gets a T-shirt off that guy.


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