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Wanted: The date of a Skylab 4 photo of New Zealand

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Thanks OBM. Do you have a link to the same sequences that I can have a look at? And what date cycle was used - GMT/UT or New Zealand or some other? Twelve hours can make a very big difference.

We had almost the same sequence over three days recently, and being early summer it brought, from the NNW, cool temperatures with lots drizzly rain, and where I live, just inside the roaring forties, we had very noisy roaring gales.

95% of the time our weather comes from the west and is pretty predictable, but from any other direction we can have multiple changes in 24 hours.

About 15 years ago, maybe more,  I experienced a once-in-70-years summertime event. I often see two opposing wind directions and much less often have seen three, and much less still, four at once. On only this one occasion I observed five different wind directions at the same time. It was a hot summers day and all the cloud layers were thin enough and sparse enough to be quite visible. In fact I could also see a lot of blue sky -- probably 30 to 50 per cent.

1. At ground level there was a WNW breeze coming in off the sea.
2. Up at their usual height were small, puffy, flat-bottomed cumulus clouds going from SW to NE.
3. There was quite a gap in height and then a second layer of cloud of varying structures, travelling at varying speeds, and reaching to a great height, heading inland from NW to SE.
4. Higher up still there were cirrus clouds - the horsetail type - very slowly drifting from SE to NW.
5. To top it off, the low cumulus clouds changed direction when they reached the sea about two km away. They turned about 35 to 40 degrees to the right and drifted up the coast.

This was really amazing and few people believe me when I tell the story, except for a weather expert on one occasion. It was one of those times when I wished for a video camera and three witnesses. I checked and rechecked that I had the directions right by putting TV aerials, chimneys, power poles and trees in the way, and had plenty of time to do so because the same conditions lasted for at least 40 minutes until I got bored and stopped watching.


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