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Anyone fancy £10k?

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This poster:


Thinks he's found the nail in NASA's coffin, claiming that the pictures of Earth taken by Apollo 11 from the surface should show Africa, not Australia.

He's so convinced he's offering £10000 to anyone who can prove him wrong.

Unfortunately when he set up his starry night software he set the EVA time as pm UTC not am UTC  ;D

Of course you'll never see the money, and I have better things to do than deal with spam from morons in my Facebook page.

The poster's either gone private or deleted it.

Odd - still visible for me!

I did, of course, screenshot it :D

Ah, gone for me now. How odd, almost as if someone pointed out the error and they were too embarrassed to admit it.

I had planned on using that group as the primary source for a 'Dumb crap hoax believers say' webpage, but there's just too much.

For the avoidance of doubt:


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