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Re: Richard Branson
« Reply #45 on: September 24, 2021, 12:44:00 AM »
It is telling that of the three competitors under discussion, Branson, Musk and Bezos, only Branson is not developing capability to support ongoing progress like the other two. It is much more about thrill seeking. It kind of parallels the way the early Soviet efforts focused a bit too heavily on space stunts with the likes of Voskhod.

As far as Blue Origin goes, I am disappointed they have yet put a anything into orbit, despite having more than a two year head start over SpaceX. At least Virgin Orbit has managed this, albeit just a few cubesats launched from a missile dropped by a 747.
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Re: Richard Branson
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How pissed would Tory Bruno be if BO put something into orbit whilst the engines that he's waiting for are over 4 years late?

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