Author Topic: Number '10' (maybe) in Apollo 11 Lunar Orbit TV transmission?  (Read 2 times)

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Every so often the hoax crowd throws up something interesting, and this is one of them.

In an ABC TV special, the part covering the Apollo 11 TV broadcast from lunar orbit shows a couple of brief appearances of what looks like a number 10 (or possibly a letter 'O' with a line next to it).

Here's the broadcast:

and the two appearances are at 1:12:40, and 1:13:26.

There's a better quality version of the footage here:

but the number 10 isn't as clear thanks to the way the footage has been cropped.

My initial thought was that it's markings on the rendez-vous window, but I'm not so sure now: the font type and colour isn't right, (see the Apollo 9 views here and the window through which they're filming seems too large. It's also (unless it's off screen) missing the 'o' degree symbol.

The hoax crowd are claiming that it's on the surface of a model, despite it changing apparent location during the broadcast and staying a constant size despite different zoom levels. It's obviously something either on the window or reflected on to it (which to be fair some hoax proponents have realised), but what?

Any suggestions for likely candidates?