Author Topic: Exposing Pseudoastronomy Podcast video analyzing Hoagland's claims about Cydonia  (Read 2360 times)

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A great analysis of Hoagland's Cydonia nonsense.

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His latest piece of nonsense is claiming to see artificial structures on a comet proving that it's a spaceship, and that he can carbon date rocks he's seen on photos from the Martian surface by looking at them.

The thread's on AboveTopSecret but the OP doesn't link to the video.

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A fossilised car?
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HaHaHa....from the link "Please give me your take on Hoagland"

OK then.

Hoagland is a fantasist who is prepared to say pretty much anything for profit. Where he falls over is that he must perforce make up more and more claims and those claims must become more and more extreme to extract max cash from the suckers and gullible idiots.

However, the law of diminishing returns applies. Hoaxland has become so outrageous that he has eliminated his own market. Nobody but the most extreme crackpot would buy any of his garbage, and he cannot figure out how to extract himself from that. It is amusing to observe.