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Re: "Apollo 11" Documentary
« Reply #60 on: December 17, 2019, 05:41:29 AM »
I just discovered that the Apollo 11 documentary is now available on DVD/blu-ray and from streaming services like the Google Play store and iTunes.

It's been a long time for some of us in the SW Pacific.

I never noticed this movie being advertised at my nearest movie theatres, 40 km away, but today (16 December 2019) I found a Blu-ray of it for NZ$25.00, so had to have it.

On watching the previews and trailers online, it appeared that the movie camera in this film that filmed the crew walking to the carrier van after suiting-up (there was another movie camera present), was the one that didn't catch a very important historical detail: The large, brown paper bag that Mike Collins was carrying below his right hand, and held his present for "the Fuhrer of the launch pad", Guenter Wendt. It was a plaque with a mounted but unstuffed seven-inch-long fish, which, by that time, probably smelled pretty bad, because Mike was apparently unaware that mounted fish had to be stuffed first, before being given away as presents.

I'm reading Wendt's autobiography at the moment. Apparently the fish spent the next decade in his freezer before he got round to having it properly preserved!
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Re: "Apollo 11" Documentary
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I own this via VUDU and I believe 4K (HD at least) - WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.
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