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There's a couple of videos around involving Kubrick directly that are used as 'evidence' of his involvement in a hoax.

Neither of them are, in my view, actual attempts to prove his involvement, and both are making fun of the Kubrick trope at the expense of the HB crowd.

The video I took issue with was the one that has shots of Kubrick inserted into a variety of settings supposedly showing direct involvement in Apollo 11.

So, I took it upon myself to show how it was done:


If you can't face the read, the Kubrick video uses behind the scenes footage of the man himself from 2001, intercut with a couple of NASA videos and footage (behind the scenes and otherwise) from First Man, Capricorn One, Operation Avalanche and Moonwalkers.

If you see anyone posting the video as some sort of proof, feel free to send them that :)

Great work, as usual. 

I've noticed a definite increase in the volume of MiLF-generated forgeries of late, much of it featuring Kubrick.  I believe it's a coordinated effort by two or more conspiracists devoted to creating a persuasion campaign against NASA and Apollo, using social media as the propagation tool.  Doesn't seem like the work of a lone wolf... there's a lot of effort being put forth.

Naturally, the herd all lap it up with greasy smiles on their faces and zero due diligence.  No surprises there.

So I should search for Milf on ther Internet...?


--- Quote from: onebigmonkey on February 03, 2023, 03:58:22 AM ---So I should search for Milf on ther Internet...?

--- End quote ---

No need.  (Moon Landing Flerf)

I just insert the small "i" to make it easier to pronounce.  :) 

I mean, that is I suppose a meaning for it?

I maintain that you cannot take the Kubrick thing seriously even if you are completely ignorant of Apollo but know a few basics about Kubrick.


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