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Sibrel's book 'Moon Man' has a fanciful section that recounts an alleged deathbed confession from an unnamed security chief at Cannon Air Force Base. The story is that LBJ himself turned up to supervise the construction and filming of Apollo 11 and all were sworn to secrecy:


The person in the video is supposedly the son who received the confession, who himself has been threatened and is now making his own deathbed story.

His version is pretty much word for word what Sibrel has in his book, and he seems to have been the one to have contacted Bart. It would be wrong of me to suggest that the fee for this information went on meth.

Have fun with it.

Yes, that would have been easy to cover up.

Now that I'm not posting on my phone I can give a bit more detail.

I'm not going to reproduce it verbatim to avoid copyright isses, but you can read the bulk of the allegations made in Sibrel's book here:


Search for the following text to get to the meat of it and avoid Sibrel's fantasy life of CIA abduction and men in black skullduggery (and his flat out lie that Armstrong confessed to him privately just before conveniently dying):

"Now I have something major to disclose"

These are the same allegations repeated almost verbatim by the person in the video.

Now, Sibrel presents his story as if it was recounted to him in person, whereas this video makes it clear that it was "My dad told me...". He was also the one who supposedly contacted Bart.

He also claims that the person involved, now supposedly identified as Cyrus Eugene Akers, was the "Chief of Security" at the base. Akers' own gravestone (not hard to find) identifies him as a staff sergeant in the Air Police. Those are the first easy holes to pick in the story.

The video indicates the fake moon landing filming was done in June 1968. That puts it before the first manned Apollo mission, Apollo 7.

When was the crew of Apollo 11 announced? I think this alternate timeline indicates that Deke Slayton had no choice to choose Armstrong and Aldrin since they had already filmed the moon landing.  8)

This makes we wonder what I will say on my deathbed.

There have already been posts showing LBJ at his ranch in June 1968, a mere 3 hour helicopter ride away from Cannon AFB  ::)


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