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Re: What becomes of old 'friends'..
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LJ hasn't made any reference to his qualifications.
I was referring to timfinch's claim of "Nuclear electrician aboard a fast attack submarine for 12 years" on page #5 of the thread on this forum.   

ETA;  Here.

I wasn't  commenting on your post, but rather just commenting on LJ lack of exposing any experience.  Sorry if I implied anything negative.
That thread is closed now. Having followed along, though, it did make me wonder just why it is that the moon hoax crowd cannot grok 3d spatial reasoning at all.

Spatial reasoning, orbital mechanics, photography, perspective,  averages, rates, radiation dose, the difference between EM radiation and charged particles, logarithms, conservation of energy, conservation of momentum - it just all goes sideways.


Tim was definitely not a true HB - I’ve dealt with true believers in other fora and they get nasty at the drop of a hat.  Tim was a troll.  He was deliberately acting like an idiot because it’s fun making the monkeys dance.