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Hasselblad in Space Webinar by Hasselblad
« on: April 30, 2020, 02:47:55 PM »
With 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings, this Hasselblad presentation tells the story of how a Hasselblad came to be the first camera on the moon; capturing the iconic images of the Apollo 11 astronauts taking their first ‘small steps’ on the lunar surface.
Hasselblad’s involvement with NASA started many years before this historic occasion, leading to a Hasselblad 500EL Data Camera with Reseau plate, fitted with a Zeiss Biogon 60mm ƒ/5.6 lens, being chosen for the all important job of helping to document the Apollo 11 mission.
From prospective NASA astronaut, Walter Schirra, first purchasing a consumer Hasselblad camera to take with him on a space mission, Schirra captured the first Hasselblad space photographs, and thus began the first page of a new chapter in the history of Hasselblad, and a long, close and mutually beneficial cooperation between the giant American space agency and a small Swedish camera manufacturer.
Presented by Chris Cooze, Hasselblad's Global Technical Training Manager, discover how this relationship resulted in Hasselblad cameras modified for use in space, and other iconic images captured by Hasselblad space cameras, such as the famous ‘Earth Rise’ image and the first ever space ‘selfie’.

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