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The 'boomer remover'.


--- Quote from: molesworth on March 28, 2020, 05:08:00 AM ---

--- Quote ---when did a conspiracy theory ever make sense?
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OK, that’ll do, it’s time we all crawled back out from under our beds, stop watching the telly and reading the newspapers and do our own research, while staying well clear of Google.

Look for the real figures. Find the death toll figures for this time last year and compare them to what we have now and pay particular attention to flu and respiratory related deaths.

Educate yourselves on how the test works with its flaws and limitations. Find out how common these Corona viruses are and ask yourself why Germany have by far the lowest percentage of deaths in relation to the so-called confirmed cases.

Have you seen inside the wards teeming with virus sufferers? And before you start going on about how many people you know working for the health service, I myself know a fair few, including a couple of family members. Fair enough, the ones I spoke to say they are rushed off their feet, but isn’t that the norm in the winter months?

Here in the UK the NHS have been struggling to cope for years, so we are lead to believe, long before this new flu bug came along. Even if our hospitals really are chock-a-block with flu patients, there’s a perfectly simple explanation for that. Problem is, a bit of logic may be required during your research, so I don’t hold out much hope for most of the population.

When you have all the information in front of you, ask yourself if a seasonal flu bug is a valid excuse for placing us under house arrest and potentially putting millions of people out of work and bringing the economy to its knees. My private pension has took a massive nosedive, so the rest of my retirement may not be so rosy after all. It feels like we’re in some holocaust movie, only this is for real, apart from this so called deadly killer virus of course.

When this latest scare tactic blows over, we’ll all be thankful to our governments for potentially saving millions of lives. Lives that were never going to be lost in the first place.

I’m high risk because I have a chronic lung disease and asthma and it wasn’t all that long ago since I underwent major heart surgery. I’m locked up in my home until further notice, which makes it difficult to get the proper exercise I need. Am I worried? The only reason I’m not out roaming the streets, licking people’s faces is because it would upset my family. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be living in a forest, eating squirrels by now.

When an individual person in a hospital bed, looks out at you from your TV and says “look at me, this is what you get if you go out” it makes you sad and incredibly thankful that you are one of the lucky ones, does it not? Well stop it! You need to get things into perspective, as there are millions of people in hospital at any one time, hooked up to machines with tubes hanging from nearly every orifice. But one person on a news bulletin is enough to seal the deal.

This is how easy it is to fool people, because most of us will never be able to comprehend what our leaders are capable of. Plenty of people don’t trust their government, but to go this far would be completely absurd, wouldn’t it? We all had better get used to this way of life, because this is just the latest step towards their goal. Just imagine, no more protest marches, no more riots, no more terror attacks, as there would be no further need for them, and crime would be virtually non-existent. If I’m still here in five years’ time, let’s see how many people are telling me I was wrong.

I realise some people will be genuinely upset and even disgusted and appalled at my words, as there are lots of people who are experiencing what they think is a direct result of this fictitious pandemic. Flu kills people in poor health, the old and frail and even the odd seemingly healthy among us, so what we’re experiencing is normal, but it’s been cleverly spun by the elite few.

Even our leaders are probably oblivious to the scam, as they make decisions based on advice from their advisers who probably get their advice from someone higher in the chain. The alleged scientists giving advice are not scientists, you have to dig deep to find the real ones. These are the people that should open your eyes, and yes, this time they are real scientists.

It only took me a couple of days to source and process the information which exposes the scam, so if I can do it, so can you. You’re getting no help from me on this one. If you are too bone idle or dim witted to put the work in, then it’s no fault of mine. Maybe you think there is no need, as you have complete faith in the media, then more fool you.

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I will not tolerate any conspiracy theory that could endanger others.

Only time will tell just how deadly COVID-19 will end up being, but at this moment, when we could be seeing 200,000 deaths in the United States in the weeks or months ahead, it is not smart to assume that it is being over-hyped. Assume it is deadly, and be safe. Don't be stupid.

Cambo, you sir are a complete idiot. Statements like
--- Quote ---The only reason I’m not out roaming the streets, licking people’s faces is because it would upset my family.
--- End quote ---
are disgusting.

Also, such a classy Holocaust reference.

"It's just a seasonal flu" doesn't explain the exponential case growth.  It doesn't take much "independent research" to know that the fear is completely justified--the fact that a lot of these hospitals have already been overwhelmed is why the response needs to be as serious as it is.


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