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Possible Ed White quotation

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I hope this is okay for me to ask this question here.  I have a recollection from the first EVA but I cannot find any trace of it via Google, so I thought I would ask some space-interested people.  What I remember is that when Astronaut White was asked how he was doing while on the first spacewalk, he responded to the effect of "happy, hungry, horny, and all those good things."  I also recall that he didn't seem to want to come back into the vehicle when first asked to.  Can anyone direct me to any documentation that would verify or disprove either of these two recollections?  Thanks.

Gene Cernan, Apollo 10, I think - check here from the old board...


--- Quote from: gdcwork on May 25, 2012, 07:30:12 PM ---I also recall that he didn't seem to want to come back into the vehicle when first asked to.

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I have heard that Ed White was a little bit slow returning to the capsule at the end of his spacewalk, but I think it has been exaggerated over the years.

From NASA:

--- Quote ---Ed's final view during his space walk was of the state of Florida. "I could see all the lower part of the state, the island chain of Cuba and Puerto Rico." (39) All too soon, the flight director ordered White back inside Gemini 4 and America's first walk in space came to a close. No one was sorrier to see it end than Ed White. "It's the saddest moment of my life," (40) he commented as he slowly maneuvered his way back. Without the benefit of the self propulsion unit, Ed needed extra time to return to the hatch. Some contended that the delay was an indication that he had suffered from a kind of narcosis of the deep or euphoria. However, Ed insisted that this was not the case. "I can say in all sincerity and honesty that I enjoyed the EVA very much, and I was sorry to see it draw to a close, and I was indeed reluctant to come in. But when the word came that the EVA phase was over, I knew it was time to come in and I did. There was no euphoria, but getting back into the cabin took just as much time as getting out; I had to do the same things, only in reverse order, handing my gear in to Jim, and so on." (41) White had achieved his goal of becoming the first man to propel himself in space. In addition, his space walk had lasted twice as long as Leonov's ten minute excursion. Ed had felt many things during those twenty minutes, but "the biggest thing was a feeling of accomplishment".
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--- Quote from: ChrLz on May 26, 2012, 12:41:18 AM ---Gene Cernan, Apollo 10, I think - check here from the old board...

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From that page:

--- Quote ---The photographs of the lunar surface continued, and preparations were made for a return to Earth. On the 26th orbit, after the spacecraft had passed behind the Moon, Apollo 10 came back with an interesting report. They saw a star they couldn't identify. They then realised it was in orbit with them. Eventually, they passed close enough to see it through sextant monocular and saw... the descent stage of Snoopy, left behind after staging. It would eventually crash into the lunar surface, but for the moment it was in orbit around the Moon.
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Wait... what!? But I thought these astronauts were exceptionally well trained in observing, and would never misidentify some known object!

Thank you for the prompt and germane replies; that is what I was after.


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