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"The Apollo Murders" by Chris Hadfield

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Peter B:
I just finished reading this (wife got a review copy).

Personally I thought it was pretty good. A lot of non-stop action, not too many oh-you've-got-to-be-kidding moments, and a lot of awareness of things that can go wrong in space.

One thing that spoils a lot of fiction for me - of quite a few genres - is where authors base their plots on real-life events. What you end up with is a fairly predictable story which is sometimes little more than a fictionalised version of what actually happened. This story, OTOH, was written with the confidence to embrace the unknown in terms of actions and yet provide realistic outcomes.

Has anyone else read it?

I've read it.  I thought it was pretty good.  My fear in books from experts-turned-authors is that they will be long on detail and short on story and character.  For me the characterization had some eye-roll moments, but the plot keeps you guessing.  I love the section at the end when Hadfield saves the reader some Googling and spells out what parts of the book are real and what parts are fiction.

I finished reading it on Christmas Eve. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and Chris Hadfield's experience with space flight & training in both the US and Russia made it feel very authentic.

I'm not sure the US would go to so much trouble just to sabotage one of Russia's moon rovers though. The concern over Almaz seemed more realistic to me.

Got the book for Xmas. I'll get around to it over the next few months....

Finally read it. It was OK, and I did appreciate the technical accuracy but I thought the plot wasn't really up to scratch. A good first effort, though. I'll keep the book but cannot see myself re-reading it.


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