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Moderately surprised to not see a thread on Starship, especially after yesterday's flight.  Despite the kaboom at the end, that was a spectacularly successful flight.  A real-world test of a new engine cycle, a new fuel, a new mode of flight, and they almost pulled it off on the first try. 

And, my God, this shot:

That's real time.  That's not slowed down.  It just looks slow because you're looking at a 12-story building falling at you. 

SN9 is already built, there are at least 6 more prototypes in various stages of completion, the first booster is under construction - 2021 is gonna be an interesting year in South Texas. 

It’s like the rockets that were envisaged in the days of Flash Gordon.

Scott Manley (everyone's favourite manly Scot  ;)) has a nice moment-by-moment analysis of the flight.  Also a new term I've not heard before - "engine-rich exhaust"  ;D

I've heard it before, but, yes, it is a good one, up there with 'Unplanned Rapid Disassembly' and 'Lithobraking*'. Still, the fact it went as well as it did is still stunning, and I am sure they will iron out the bugs in the end.
*yes, I know it's an actual term, but it still makes for a dandy euphemism

I love SpaceX's rapid iteration philosophy, they will have a truckload of data from this flight

"SpaceX - We Crash to Learn"


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