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Kids say the darnedest things...

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I have had some doozies during my short dalliance in the teaching profession and I am sure I have  a few written down (somewhere).

One that comes to mind is this one.

A few years ago, there was well known New Zealander called Bob Jones. He was an entrepreneur who was in the news quite frequently. Now I gave my class of 10 year-olds an assignment to write a short report on a famous or well known New Zealander, and they were allowed to choose which one they want to write about.

So this young lad chooses Bob Jones. Actually he did quite a good job, but part way through his essay he wrote the following sentence (which I shall never, ever forget)

"Bob Jones owns lots of different companies. He is a important man who has a finger in every tart in town"

When I read it out in the staff room, people started falling about and laughing all over the place.

Allan F:
A friend of mine bought an old, rundown, delapidated farmhouse way outside town. His brother and I helped make some necessary repairs. His 4-year old son was running around helping out and having fun.

Sometime during the work, he came over to talk to us, and I said:

"One day, all this will belong to you"

The kid: "Oh-oh".

Peter B:
Sorting out left and right with 7YOS, a.k.a. Mr Quibble.

7YOS [sitting at the table eating breakfast, holding up a hand]: Is this my right hand?

Me: Yes.

7YOS [holding up other hand]: Is this my left hand?

Me [a little exasperated]: Yes! You should know which is your right hand because you’re right-handed and you know which hand you hold a pen in when you’re writing.

7YOS: But I’m not holding a pen.

Peter B:
Regarding Mr Quibble...

The kids like Mr Men stuff. They have individual Mr Men mugs which a friend bought them, and they enjoy watching a couple of Mr Men DVDs. They also like the fact that I have a Mr Happy hoodie which I wear a bit (even to work, where I was once asked by someone if the label was actual or aspirational - I said it depended on how the kids were behaving).

However, 7YOS is demonstrating there may be room for a new character in the Mr Men range - Mr Quibble. He shows considerable skill at arguing at great length matters peripheral to the main topic of discussion, to the extent that I think he has good prospects for being a lawyer. One exchange I can remember went something like this:

7YOS [chattering extensively at a time I wanted him quiet]

Me: Will you be quiet, please? You're such a chatterbox.

7YOS [with amused outrage]: A chatterbox? How can I be a chatterbox? I'm not a box.

Northern Lurker:

--- Quote from: Peter B on May 17, 2018, 10:31:19 PM ---Sorting out left and right with 7YOS, a.k.a. Mr Quibble.

--- End quote ---

When my daughter, now 15, mixes left and right, I'll "help" her by reminding that "on your right hand, your thumb is on the left side"   :P

edit: added "side"


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