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Kids say the darnedest things...

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Peter B:
15YOS is a typical teenager - he's stinky and he mumbles. This provides context for me misunderstanding what he said when he and his siblings were discussing superpowers they'd like.

15YOS: The superpower I'd like is to be able to mumble myself.

Me: Eh? You'd like to 'what' yourself?

15YOS: Clone myself.

Me: Oh. Right. I thought you said clean yourself.

15YOS: Embarrassed laughter.

12YOS and 10YOD (because they know their brother): Raucous laughter.

I was on a jury this week.  The kids have been very interested in the process and what I told them about my fellow jurors.  Sandy wanted to meet them and was disappointed that my service was ending.  "When you die, can I take your place on the jury?"

Peter B:
All three kids are watching the TV while I cook dinner. A few minutes before I'm finished I go into their room...

Me: Turn the TV off when that show is finished, dinner's nearly ready.

Kids: Okay.

I go back to the kitchen and finish things in a few minutes. I then return to the kids to tell them dinner's ready, only to find the TV still on with a new show.

Me (slightly outraged): I told you to turn the TV off at the end of the last show. Why's it on now?

12YOS: We turned it off, but 10YOD turned it back on again.

Me: Why didn't you tell her to turn it off after what I said?

12YOS: But didn't you know? I'm unreliable!


Proud of my granddaughter Eva, won 3 out of 3 of her Ju Jitsu matches, which considering they banned her glasses, without which she is virtually blind, was some feat.


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