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Kids say the darnedest things...

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I had to talk Zane out of bringing one on the bus the other day.

Eva explaining why she was on the class naughty list today, this child will be UK Prime Minister one day.

Zane would sympathize.

Peter B:
9YOD learns ballet at the local dance academy. Last night they had their end of year show, so there were displays of contemporary, break, hip hop and jazz dancing as well as ballet, by kids from 5 to 18.

In the second half, one of the elite dance classes came out, each dancer carrying a chair. They arranged them in a V across the stage and sat on them.

Me: I hope they don't break the chairs in their routine.

12YOS: It's hip hop, not break dancing.

Peter B:
Spotted today, watching the TV on a coolish summer's day: 15YOS, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, under a blanket, with the fan blowing cold air at him.

When I asked him why he put the fan on if he was under a blanket, his reply was: "I didn't notice who put it on." (He did put it on.)

I mentioned this to my wife, who bluntly replied, "I think our son is an idiot."


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