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The Trump Presidency

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And there's considerable debate in certain circles about whether Pence would be better or worse.  I lean toward "marginally better," in that he doesn't seem as corrupt, he isn't in bed with the Russians and (to my knowledge) neo-Nazis, and he seems far less likely to start a nuclear war.  On the other hand, he is also competent, which means he has a better chance of getting dangerous legislation passed.

The oddest thing I see about how Trump will conduct his presidency is that he appears to want to communicate directly by Tweet. Not just to the American people, but to foreign leaders. Not just by Tweets sat on and well-considered by his staff, but by Tweets fired off at random any time day or night. This is going to be a most, ahem, unusual style of presidential communication.


--- Quote from: LunarOrbit on January 03, 2017, 02:03:43 AM ---I'm starting a new thread to chronicle the corruption and bad decisions made by Trump and the Republican controlled Congress.
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I don't suppose if Trump makes a good decision it will be included in one of your posts?  :)  I didn't vote for this clown, but it is possible something good might slip by.

If he does his job with the best interests of ALL Americans in mind then this thread will be empty. I'm not going to praise him for doing what he's supposed to do.

But sure, if he does actually do something that I feel is exceptionally good I will say so.

If he actually does a good job I will tweet an apology to him for doubting him. I'm sure he needs the ego boost.

I'll give him credit for at least giving lip service to the idea that maybe the GOP should hold off on eviscerating the ethics committee. But I'll have to take away most of them because he seemed to indicate he wasn't against the idea itself, just the timing.


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