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Alan Bean and VAB

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Bart Sibrel has a long established reputation of editing his source material to make it say what he thinks people will pay him money to hear.

The geometry of the Van Allen belts is dynamic and non-trivial. Their alignment with Earth is dynamic and non-trivial. Their alignment with an inclined orbit around Earth is dynamic and non-trivial. And none of the parameters that describe the radiation exposure is constant across the geometry. If the interview in question is about a Skylab mission, then no it wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that Al Bean didn't know whether any part of his mission would contact any biologically-significant part of the Van Allen belts. Someone knew, of course. But the alleged dilemma is based on the ridiculous notion that a member of the flight crew would know every detail that went into a mission planning exercise carried out by hundreds of specialists.

Or that he would need to know, as pointed out.

Jeff Raven:
Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who answered me. I didn't want to appear ungrateful for the help, or that I was ignoring the replies. Work, real-life stuff, etc., meant I haven't been back on for a while.  I appreciate, as always, the knowledge, advice, etc., that the members here take time to share.

Hi Jeff, my sincerest apologies for joining this discussion so late in the game. I don't have the cosmoquest interview. I would have to go through the mission audio I have for Skylab to see if Al mentions anything about the radiation belts during his flight. As Jay points out, if he was referring to Skylab, then his uncertainty makes a lot of sense.

Not to mention that some CT, it may have been Sibrel, edited the interview to make it sound like Bean was talking about A12.  Since he didn't know that they went through the VAB, but didn't know it, the "obvious" conclusion that A12 never went through them but remained in LEO. 


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