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You knownthise pretend Russian academics Aulis keep digging up? Seems they are busier than you might think.

This site https://manonmoon.ru/ (Google translate is your friend) was promoted on a Facebook group as proof that the Russians do (as opposed to 'did') question the landings.

They might question it, but their answers aren't up to much. Still, I learned a few things. An interesting article pointing out disappearing Apollo 11 insignia on the suits revealed how TV intercut footage of the countdown rehearsals with actual live footage - something that the author apparently couldn't work out with 3 seconds of googling.

There's another interesting one claiming that they used the ATS-3 satellite to generate images of Earth (nope) and that only 1 image of Earth was made available to the public for Apollo 11 (also nope)

Happy reading.

(NASA - National American Space Agency) --- in the very first line! Bwahahaha! Academics my arse!!

Credibility goooone! No need to read past that point!

But the site probably produces fodder for the ignorant to spew on the normal disinformation avenues like FB, YT etc.  I ran across this "gem" a couple of months ago, bad to the bone, but that doesn't stop those who wish to stand up and beat their chests.

ETA:  Forgot to post the link

As always with these claims you get to learn something. The author's claims about the satellite photographs (apart from being based on a priori conclusions) are based largely on a lack of knowledge about how much data from them were publicly available and how they worked. They've assumed, for example, that because ATS-1 could relay colour TV that it could take colour images (it couldn't). There's much more that I've now addressed on my site, but the main benefit was uncovering in their references a host of issues of 'Earth and Universe', a Russian language journal from the period that has lots of lunar exploration stuff in it. There's even a reproduction of the 'C rock's photo without the 'C'!

The list of articles and subjects under each year has a number in brackets that corresponds to the issue it's in



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