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Peasants' Rebellion
« on: November 03, 2020, 08:27:11 AM »

I don't have Netflix and don't know if series are translated to English, but if they are, watching "Peasants' Rebellion", the only Lebanese series that they decided to put on Netflix is recommended.

I have enjoyed watching it as it takes the person to another world, to a historical period that exposes us to how the feudal lords used to act and oppress people.

"Set in the early 19th century Lebanon, amidst a time of feudalism, the "Nisr" powerful family struggle to keep control over the lands and the peasants altogether. Greed to rule, plotting, murders, and scandals threaten the bond that has united the noble "Nisr" family for many years; the oppressed villagers mount an audacious revolt against social and political injustice giving voice to the voiceless. In a breath taken sequence of drastic events, the peasant revolution takes a surprising turn when a new leader joins the rebellions to forge a future on their own terms after years of darkness."

The acting was very good, particularly that of Ward EL Khal (Lamis), the daughter who was raped and whose child has been taken away by the family and thrown in the wild, and is now hateful of everyone. I was very impressed also by Bassem Moughniyeh's (Rameh) acting. He is the son of the brother of Nisr Bek, also feeling very revengeful and reflects his oppression on everyone, and when he takes over the house ..Oh My God..I will not spoil it further if you want to watch it. The dressings, the amazing Serhal castle that they filmed it at, and the whole setting of the Lebanese village, and then the revolt and who surprisingly joins it, all make it an exceptional watch.

The importance of it is that it gives a glimpse into really how much bad the feudal lords were. Here it is till today set as an example of someone who is dictator and oppressive.



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