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Today I Found Out video about hoax

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Peter B:
Oh, and Expattaffy has just posted a comment...

Jeff Raven:

--- Quote from: Peter B on July 13, 2022, 05:09:17 AM ---Oh, and Expattaffy has just posted a comment...

--- End quote ---

Yeah, he's posted at least a couple, each going to a different image.  The most recent one I saw had a shorter field of view, but the first one showed a nice long terrain shot. I was tempted to ask him what he thought the problem was, but remembered some of his posts here, and decided I didn't need that aggravation.

Jeff Raven:

--- Quote from: Ranb on July 13, 2022, 02:57:27 AM ---That Youtube channel is entertaining, but I think they are rather lax in fact checking some of the subjects they discuss.  I used to be subscribed to that channel, but lost interest due to their "style over substance" way of doing things.

--- End quote ---

As Peter B pointed out, there are a few obvious ones in this one, and I agree that it detracts from the overall video.  The presenter saying kilometers instead of miles when he gave the average distance to the moon is understandable given where he's from, but mispronouncing Ed White's last name (he got it right later) was something that should have been caught, and giving the planned launch date for Apollo 1 as the date of the fire made it seem like whoever wrote the script just did a quick search, saw that date, and went with it.

In general I find their videos entertaining, but as you said, they aren't always fact-checked well.

Jeff Raven:
I was over in the comment section for this video, and somebody posted this question. I was hoping somebody might be able to answer it? (Ignoring the innuendo about the script)

If you listen to the Apollo 11 launch the person telling all about what was happening during the launch, the announcer, sounds a whole lot like the host of this video, in that the host of this video is obviously reading a prepared script for he hardly took a breath in over 30 minutes of his rapid talking. After listening to the Apollo 11 countdown a few times it appears to me that the announcer is reading from a prepared script in that he doesn’t miss a beat and is as smooth as a cucumber when announcing the first ever attempt to land a man on the Moon. Notice he always begins each segment with “this is Apollo Saturn launch control” and ends each segment with “this is Kennedy launch control” why have two different launch control statements?

I looked for some information on it, and in the Apollo Flight Journal (https://history.nasa.gov/afj/ap11fj/01launch.html) it does seem like the PAO started his statements with "This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control" and ended them with "this is Kennedy Launch Control" or occasionally just "this is Launch Control."  Was there a reason for using this seeming protocol?  What popped into my head is that perhaps the former is used to identify the mission, while the latter is to identify the location, in particular if they might be followed by or handing off to, say Houston. But that's just spitballing on my part.

Does anyone know why this appeared to be the standard practice? I'd love to be able to give that person who posted the question a clear and informed answer, rather than just my speculation.

As always, I appreciate being able to pick your brains! 

I would not be in the least surprised if the announcer had prepared ahead of time rehearsing it and quite likely having a script for it.  Its not like NASA hadn't done other Saturn V launches so knew what to expect if things went as planned and would want the announcement of it to go smoothly so long as things were going as expected


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