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Neil Armstrong´s last trip to europe
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:52:56 PM »
Hello to the forum, my name is Frank

Already mentioned in this thread:

...unfortunately and surprisingly one of the last men interviewing Neil Armstrong on his last trip to europe, Frank Schirrmacher, has died at 54.
He played an important role in german newspaper-business:

The "Talk in Hangar7"-thing, produced by an austrian channel in summer 2010, lasted over 1 hour and was very exciting.
It seems not to be available in its entire length anymore.

The whole party among Schirrmacher as the moderator and Armstrong as the principal guest:
- cosmonaut legend Alexej Leonov
- Felix Baumgaertner, still ahead of his stratosphere jump
- Thomas Reiter, director of ESA
- astronomer Harald Lesch, "the german deGrasseTyson", famous for many scientific tv-productions, including a hilarious moon-hoax debunking part: (german, sorry, but closed enough for recognising the person)

Schirrmacher believed to have the burden to give "a fair chance" to the hoax-community. After a bunch of serious topics he dared to put this one single question: "were you really on the moon?" (answer: "definitively, definitively").

I found it embarrassing and painful. Was not a good idea, even if Schirrmacher was far away to be on the hoax, quite the opposite. Something like an attempt of "you can not say I did not touch it". And Leonov complained immediately. He jumped off and yelled like "YES, SURE, OF COURSE". I appreciated remembering this today.
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