Author Topic: Explosive impulse and debris velocity  (Read 7465 times)

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Explosive impulse and debris velocity
« on: April 27, 2014, 02:31:29 PM »
How do you compute the velocity of debris given incident impulse from the explosive and the cross-section area and mass of the debris?
This link will compute the incident impulse caused by an explosive in kPa-ms.
(The minimum range is the radius of a sphere of the explosive. The mobile version of the website will display the minimum range after you enter the mass of the explosive.)
The US Navy SM-2 has a 62 kg warhead. Typical warheads are 2 parts metal and 1 part explosive by mass. So if one detonated 1 meter from a 1 square meter object with a mass of 40 kg how fast would it be ejected (assume it impulsed the entire surface area equally for the sake of simplicity of calculation and the debris isn't blown to tiny bits or perforated into Swiss cheese by the warhead fragments)?
(This is related to the TWA 800 missile theory in case anyone was wondering.)