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"Rods" in "The Last Samurai"
« on: May 31, 2013, 08:19:22 AM »
Heard about those "obviously-alien" creatures some people see in movies and call Rods?

Here's where to see a bunch of New Zealand "rods" in "The Last Samurai."  Print this out, take it to a big-screen TV and DVD player and load up the movie.  It is written for a copy which runs for 2:27:51 but has sufficient information to work with copies of different lengths with different times for the scenes.

Go to chapter 40, the last one before the end credits, then forward to --

2:17:36 Fade-in of Tom Cruise leading his horse.
2:17:47 Cut to a more distant view.
2:17:48 Lens flares from the low sun.
2:17:51 The last flare disappears at bottom left.
2:17:53 As Tom reaches the right side of the first building, Pause, then go forward one frame at a time and Pause at the first frame where he and his horse completely cover a person sitting beside the first building, immediately after the frame where you can still see a little of his/her left hand and leg.

This is the crucial frame which you need to return to.  A lock of Tom's hair starts to tumble down and at the very top of the frame, near the centre of the roof of building No. 1, you can see two distant insect/rods which fly to the right in the next few frames.  Press Play and watch them. 

Return to the crucial frame and Pause.  Go forward three frames where three insect/rods are visible, one at the centre of the roof and two between the buildings. One is just above the horse's neck.

But look at the far left.  There, in front of the green-grass background, is a fourth insect/rod close to the camera, which is elongated, backlit  and showing four or five beats of its wings per frame, which it does for the next eight frames as it crosses the screen.  It is most visible as it crosses the door in the first building, and least visible as it crosses the back of the saddle.  It also appears at left and right of Tom's neck in consecutive frames.

2:17:54 When the sitting person's head reappears behind the horse, another elongated insect/rod passes right to left between the buildings for three frames.

2:17:56 As the horse's butt passes the trunk of the cherry tree, a less-obvious elongated insect/rod swoops left to right across the screen close to the camera.  It appears "behind" the horse and is most obvious in front of the blue bedroll at the front of the saddle and then the horse's neck.

In the meantime, other insect/rods dart around in the background just like all the other insects we Kiwis often see late on summer evenings before sunset.  Play the entire scene at normal speed and note that Tom Cruise doesn't look the slightest bit bothered by their appearance, and note that they all look like ordinary, boring, but backlit insects.

Which they are.

2:18:13 End credits.
2:27:51 Movie ends.

Wanna bet that somebody will pinch this and put it on You Tube and claim all the credit for himself?  ApolloHoax members with the skills are welcome to do it the right way.
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