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Scott Henderson's lager nonsense
« on: May 07, 2022, 07:24:39 AM »
Most of you wll have come across Scott Henderson's idiotic paredolia, and I was reminded of it watching an Apollo Detectives video where they reproduce his claim that there is a can of Labatt lager (other carbonated alcoholic beverages are available) left by the usual unidentified whistleblowers in AS15-88-11929. Here's his claim:

which you can find here:

The standard rebuttal of this piece of stupid is that it is a rock, but I am not convinced.

I'm not convinced because it has the appearance, and albedo, of a piece of Apollo equipment, but I can't place what.

I've labeled some features in the Apollo image here:

I've found those same features in a panorama taken at the end of EVA-2

and the B&W SEVA photos:

The red circle is where I believe it should be.

While it isn't visible in those, it can be seen in the live TV footage from the LRV's VIP spot:

It's also bright enough to be spotted on the ascent footage

and by the LRO:

It's clearly far too big to be a lager tin buried in the soil, but what is it? My hunch is that it's a discarded bag or cover of some sort thrown away while they were working just out of sight of the camera at the end of EVA-3.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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