Author Topic: A point to use again 9/11 truthers - the Bijlmerramp crash  (Read 5290 times)

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A point to use again 9/11 truthers - the Bijlmerramp crash
« on: September 21, 2016, 09:11:17 PM »
For all those truthers who claim that an aircraft striking a steel building won't destroy it, there is another example of an aircraft striking and destroying a high rise building - the Bijlmerramp crash. Basically, and nobody is is disputing it, El Al Flight 1862, an Israeli 747 cargo flight (Oh, horrors, Israel is involved! conspiracy! ::)) had its right inboard engine separate from the plane inflight, damaging the right wings and striking the right outboard engine, causing control problems that led to it crashing into an apartment complex. The official cause was a design flaw by Boing made when updating the aircraft's engine mount design, so no 'cover up.' Nobody I've ever heard of disputes that it was an accident or the cause.

 So, as a useful example, it impacted a ten (IIRC) story apartment complex, steel frame with concrete slab floors, which is actually the same construction the WTC used. (and just about every other modern tall building.) In fact, looking at pictures of the building, half of the side of each floor was concrete (or might have been, just going by the look), and in general it seems much more concrete was used than in the WTC, which had glass floor to ceiling. The plane was in roughly a 90 degree right bank at impact, not wings level, but it still shows what exactly does happen when a large aircraft impacts a modern high rise:

In other words, where the aircraft hits is completely destroyed. And if it hits a tall building from the side, and takes out almost the whole width, well, "golly gez' then, there nothing holding the top part up then, is there." ::)

I'd almost like to ask a prominent truther "so if a plane that size did impact a building, what do you think is supposed to happen?" It'd be interesting to see what their response would be, and sensible (or likely non-sensible) it is.

PS: Of course, there are conspiracy theories surrounding the crash. The main one is that it reveals 'Israel's secret chemical weapon stockpile" because there was a small quantity of precursor chemicals for sarin gas on board. For once, nobody in reality disputes they were on board either. Israel says that in order to test their gas masks to see if they work against poison gas, they need a small quantity of said poison gas to test them with. Which makes perfect sense, and the total quantity of all of the chemicals together was only 150 liters. (Or about 40 gallons, not enough to fill up a 55 gallon drum, and that's what used to make it, the amount of finished product would (presumably) be far less.) In fairness to the Israeli's, the chemicals were listed on the manifest and transported according to regulations.

The next conspiricy thoery down the dumbness lines is "OMG, we're supplying Israel with URANIUM!!" Because the aircraft contained a couple of trim weights made out of depleted uranium. Of course, in realiy it's not like you can exactly get any usable nuclear material out of that stuff, but OMG URANIUM!! ::)

Moving significantly up the intelligence line, there's been reports of a mystery illness affecting those who were in the vicinity of the crash. Burned human remains, some various chemicals in small quantities, and depleted uranium may not be a radioactive danger, but it is pretty toxic, being a heavy metal and all. Might be something to it.

The final one isn't a conspiracy theory at all. The official death toll has been given at either 43 or 50, depending of which source I googled.  However, as everyone agrees, the apartment complex was home to a vary large number of illegal immigrants, who would be somewhat unlikely to be reported to the authorities as missing. Basically, it says that the official death toll is wrong, and it's actually higher. (Nobody accuses anybody of any actual nefarious motive, just getting it wrong.) The number was close to the number actually reported as missing, and it also roughly corresponds to the body count, which is more or less how they arrived at the figure. Considering the intensity of the fire, I'd expect many of the bodies to be completely cremated in the inferno, so I'm actually of the opinion the actual death toll is higher than the official figure, almost certainly somewhere in the 50-250 range, god knows where, more likely in the 50-150 range, quite possibly from 50 to around a hundred or so..
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Re: A point to use again 9/11 truthers - the Bijlmerramp crash
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It may be worth noting that depleted Uranium is somewhat radioactive - it's the fissile isotopes that have been largely removed
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Re: A point to use again 9/11 truthers - the Bijlmerramp crash
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As a note: it's pronounced by-l-muhr.
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