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Having fun on Twitter with Jarah.

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Bertieslack having fun with Jarah White on Twitter, feel free to join in.


I'll read the stuff but won't 'follow' him on Twitter; do NOT want to boost his "popularity" in any way.

I wouldn’t follow him on there either, but if people jump on that thread he could be overwhelmed. 🤣😂


--- Quote from: Obviousman on February 18, 2022, 09:29:25 PM ---I'll read the stuff but won't 'follow' him on Twitter; do NOT want to boost his "popularity" in any way.

--- End quote ---

Jarrah thinks he's found evidence of a major solar flare during Apollo 16, and he's directed his 'gotcha' at Jay. I don't know if Jay is on Twitter so this thread might be a suitable forum for Jay to have right-of-reply. I'll post a link to Jarrah's tweet here presently (in a rush right now) - it's currently the one at the top of his feed. It seems Jarrah doesn't know the difference between particulate radiation and EM such as gamma with respect to the health of astronauts inside a space capsule

His conspiracy theory is having to get ever more convoluted and complex to work.

Now he's claiming that the craft at the Apollo 11 landing site photographed by Chandrayaan is genuine, and used to transmit fake video and audio. Presumably it did a sample return as well, and included the 16mm footage. His main issue boils down to "gee it kinda looks funny", in that the lander doesn't look like he thinks it should when really it's all down to lighting.

He's claiming that the Apollo 11 mission report states specifically that Lunar Orbiter V photographed Apollo 11's landing site at 1m resolution, but I can't see that mentioned anywhere (happy to be corrected). He also doesn't recognise that a claimed possible resolution is not necessarily the actual resolution achieved, and it still doesn't explain the appearance of sub 1m objects and features accurately depicted in Hasselblad and 16mm images.

When India finally release the actual OHRC images (not the poor quality powerpoint slide versions we've had so far), the rush to claim photoshopping is inevitable - his claim that their images go via NASA is just laying the groundwork for that.

India's imagery from both Chandrayaan-1 and 2 confirm not just machinery but human activity at Apollo sites. Jarrah has no answer for that.


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