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Quick question I have been unable to google, when did the Project Apollo Image Gallery come online?
I decided to make a small video for the idiot expattafy1 who thinks that the image of AL Shepard and the MET cart, 'AS14-65-9405' shows a one legged astronaut (oh dear). When pointed out to him that the image clearly shows Als other boot under the MET, he went on to claim that image had been doctored in 2015. By using the wayback machine I proved to him that the image was the same in 2004 and the fact that it was the cover picture on the National Geographic from July 1971 (which also clearly shows the boot). But the insane man refuses to accept the evidence.
But my digging says the archive seems to date from 2004, is this correct??

PS Anybody wishing to add comments or just laugh at expattaffy1 the video is here... https://youtu.be/7cwvDaSgPMg

From what he says here


the archive was created in 1999, but that specific image was added (according to the Apollo 14 page on the image gallery) in 2006 and links to the ALSJ version. The LPI scan is dated 2011, and archive.org 2010.

In addition to my own copy of the NG publication, I have a number of versions of the image in a variety of books - not least an original copy of the preliminary science report. It does appear on the CD accompanying the 2000 Apogee books "Apollo 14 mission reports" edition, but it's a very low res copy and you can't really make much out on it. If you want me to root through for other versions let me know.

While hunting around for other online vertsions, there's a nice one in this 1989 publication on page 44


and a dated press release version from 1971 sold at Christies


(click on the "2 more" option and go through the slide show)

Cheers OBM.  :)

Count Zero:
I see that the shadow of the leg is clearly visible.

Hey OBM, was ex turd taffy referring to you when he used your avatar?


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