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Leaf in Apollo 14 liftoff 16mm?

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Today is a good day, its the first time one of my video's got featured by a conspiracy channel!

Was only a matter of time with my popularity. Very proud of myself.

Apparently, the liftoff of Apollo 14 has a leaf blowing away from the rocket exhaust.


"With all that's going on in the world, I think we need a good laugh and after seeing what a young child found when looking at the Apollo 14 space footage, I did just that.
 I know it's most likely a piece of the "vacuum proof" construction paper or foil, but it looks just like a leaf blowing in the wind and it seems to have been cut that way by someone trying to leave a clue that it's all fake.
Stanley Kubrick did leave many clues and this could just be another one.
Either way, once you see it, you will have a hard time seeing it as a regular piece of foil or construction paper"

I hate to tell him, but all construction paper is vacuum-proof.

Jason Thompson:
Wow, amazing straw clutching there. Random piece of Mylar happens to look a bit like a leaf in one frame (when literally every other freeze-frame showed it to be nothing like actually leaf-shaped) is a ‘clue’? Oh dear....

Flerfers  ::)

I'd put money on it being this

in AS14-66-9306


I'm with onebigmonkey on this one.  Packaging from the MESA, maybe.


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