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Own HQ scan of AS11-40-5931, 70mm duplicate fiducials

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I think a lot of early digital files online and on CD-ROMs were scans of prints, not positive/negative duplicates, let alone the originals.

Prints  added a host of intrinsic problems that further faded fiducials out in bright areas.

It would not surprise me if some manufacturers of 35mm slides merely photographed a NASA/KODAK print and used that in their dupe machines. 


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As for reasons in general why someone would not want fiducials in the picture, there are various artistic and editorial arguments.  But in those cases, the fiducials are removed entirely, probably by digital editing.

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Well you, or whomever else, have more artistic desires than I .  The originals with fiducials are fine by me, but that is just me.


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