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Own HQ scan of AS11-40-5931, 70mm duplicate fiducials

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Bought this 70mm positive duplicate on Ebay, with the intention of scanning it with my Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 at 4000DPI.

Has a blue/magenta colour cast and physical perforations. Most certainly an authentic analog copy.

Full-res processed and RAW TIFF uploaded later, with a proper video debunking this claim once and for all.

Full-scan PNG:

Full resolution download link.

Crop of processed TIFF:

Crop of RAW TIFF:

Scan of camera original for comparison:


IIRC Apollo used Ektachrome MS (64ASA) or Ektachrome EF (160ASA) processed using the E-3 process, but do you know what the dupe film is (any film edge markings?) or do you know when the dupe was made.

That magenta cast is pretty typical of 1960's era Kodak transparency film.

First-generation dupes should have been on Eastman 5389 stock.  I don't know what stocks the AV contractors used.

Unfortunately there are no markings on the film anywhere. There are no digits or written numbers or Kodak emulsion index next to the perforations.

This is the seller, he has more items like it: https://www.ebay.nl/str/before101timemachine?_bkw=70mm
Note the description:

NASA SPACE HISTORY FOR SALE................NASA produced Master Duplicates of all Negatives After Each Mission,While The Originals Were Lock in cold storage vaults.From The Original Masters Duplicates Photographs Were Printed and Distributed for Use Even By NASA's Own Scientists and Public Relations Department NASA Had Several Processing Centers and Each Print Was Produced on Demand.....NOTE:(All NASA Photographs produced came from 1st Generation Duplicates)..................This 1st Generation Negative/Transparency you see here came from The Estate of a NASA photographer that Also work for Houston Chronicle (One photo shown shows the press photographer badges)...(Badge photo only for reference)

Now, pretty much every auction of NASA film seems to claim their items are first generation duplicates, so take that with a grain of salt. Other information is relevant.

What is good, and as I expected, the positive dupe has a higher dynamic range than any print I have seen. The crosshair, often omitted by lesser optical copying/printing equipment and highlight clipping is clearly seen.

This video near the end gives you a better idea of what the slide looks like in real life:



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