Author Topic: Project Apollo:"Launch Windows for Lunar Landing" 1967 NASA Mission Film  (Read 2371 times)

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This really is a great overview of how one would calculate a launch window for a lunar landing.

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Thanks, that really was good.

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That's from Jeff Quitney's YouTube channel
. He has a boatload of Apollo related (and NASA in general) films and clips.
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I was surprised there was no mention of the VAB avoidance trajectory requirements.  Is that a given for any of the acceptable dates, or does it add further constraints that reduce the number of go days/hours still further?

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The impression I got when watching the film was, "Hey, it looks like when doing this, they miss the worst parts of the VABs."  Both routes from the Cape seemed to go a fair way south or north as they left Earth.  Maybe the avoidance was already built in.

Anyway, Inanimate Carbon Rod, excellent link and a very informative film.  Thank you.
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