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Some of you might have come across what I've done here, but I have a page where I've uploaded all the memorabilia I've acquired.


The 'Specials' page in particular might be of use - I've got hold of some unusual period pieces recently :)

This is a fantastic resource. Thank you.
I've got a few of the 'Life' editions in hard copy and 'Nat Geo' on CD-ROM, but most of the other stuff is new to me.

Thanks for those. I wish I'd kept some of the newspapers I had from those times, but of course you never think they'll be historically important when you're young. (I thought it would all be commonplace, and we'd be holidaying on Mars by now...  :) )

Thanks :)

There would be more, but for the obscene cost of posting material from the USA!

I like them for the interesting articles in themselves, but they are great for waving in front of people when they make claims about images somehow all being new, or weren't public.

Added a couple of things to the 'Specials' part - a Newsweek edition covering the Apollo 8 mission, and what is for my money the best of the popular souvenir specials, the 'Look Magazine' Apollo 11 issue.


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