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Looks like International Skeptics Forum has bit the dust

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All roads lead to

The domain is parked... not a good sign

So um , what does the domain is parked mean?  Other than that is the link result?

The site worked for me this morning.  Maybe you server had a hiccup?

Odd, the forums are fully functional. There was a brief period yesterday where I got 'domain not found' for it, but that went away quickly.

There's a brief discussion in the forum help section (; looks like some DNS issue.

You can also try the IP if you have issues,

Also works for me.  Hope it stays that way.  I've got more posts on ISP than most other forums I post on combined.


Last night (my time) I flushed the dns (ipconfig /flushdns), cleared the browser cache (CTRL-F5) and deleted all history. I used the IP number - It worked again (although the url still redirected until later in the evening (presumably that was the time the ISP took to clear whatever was going on with the DNS)

This morning, it doesn't. It redirects to the domain park, and no amount of flushing cache or dns will get me there, not even 


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