Author Topic: Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Pre-Launch  (Read 10256 times)

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Re: Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Pre-Launch
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It'd blow his tiny mind if he learned that they installed pyros to cut holes in the SLA to provide emergency egress for the crew working in the SLA if there was a hyperbolic spill.
I've been studying Apollo for years and never knew this. Learn something new every day, even things that happened a half century ago.

When were the LM and CSM fueled? I know that in the uncrewed spacecraft world propellant loading is done as late as possible. The crews who actually do the loading wear pressurized "SCAPE" suits to protect them in case of a leak, and everyone else is evacuated. Fuel and oxidizer are loaded on separate days, just in case some gets out and lingers in the area.

Once the tanks are loaded everyone treats it as a live bomb, carries a gas mask, and practices evacuation drills. Staff are constantly sniffing around with gas detectors. Somewhere I have pictures of some friends jumping into the emergency chute from the top of the Ariane V gantry in Kourou during one of those drills.

This was new to me also, you do learn something every day if you keep an open mind.
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Re: Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Pre-Launch
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Hi VQ,

Judging by your comments you are youngster who wasn't around in the 60's and 70's. Yes, it is probably much harder to pull the wool over peoples eye's now than it was then. Access to information for the average individual (even country) is like night and day compared to 50 years ago. But even today, with reams of information at people's fingertips countries are able to "bury" anything if they really want to.

Just like the Rwandan genocide? Which there are Hollywood movies about?

Or the murder of Mr. Khashoggi, of which nearly complete details (down to the instructions to play music to drown out the noise of the bone saws) are known?