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Re: Apollo 11 Flag
« Reply #15 on: December 15, 2018, 07:48:11 AM »
Are we getting confused by the presence of three images?

The left hand one is a Hasselblad, the centre and right ones DAC frames.

Here are the two DAC frames superimposed

The only changes are the flag and the movement of shadows :)

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Re: Apollo 11 Flag
« Reply #16 on: December 16, 2018, 07:14:11 AM »
No, I'm not confused about that and I don't think Bknight is, but he can't seem to relate AS14-66-9338 to the DAC photos by mentally rotating it, even though I gave seven points to check and there are more to be found. I suspect he might not have even checked two or three of them because he has admitted a few times to not reading posts closely. As he said, "I'm not seeing the rotation." That's why I asked:

Graphics are not one of my skills, but can another member please grab a copy of AS14-66-9338, rotate it 55 degrees clockwise, resize it, and post it next to or over the DAC photos so bknight can see the rotation. All the correspondences, the near-identical placings, are there and easy enough to see -- the photos are amazingly similar.

In fact, while out in the beautiful, warm, blue-sky summer sun and seaside breeze this afternoon, I visualised the type of graphic I might compose if I had the skills and time.

It would start with AS14-66-9338 in all its full-frame hi-res glory, along with a description of the ALSEP in the distance, and a look at the artistic AS14-67-9367 which was taken from about the same area, looking back at the LM, then the view would go back to AS14-66-9338 and the first DAC shot would slowly form over it, its four edges parallel to those of 9338. Sometime around now, the view would zoom in on the appropriate area in AS14-66-9338 which would zoom to match the same area in the DAC shot. Then 9338 would rotate clockwise the 55 degrees or whatever is necessary to line up with everything in the DAC shot.

An alternative to the last sentence might be to rotate the DAC shot 55 degrees anticlockwise, to match up with 9338.

Hopefully, by about now, we might be able to pick up in the ether a loud "Got it!" from Bknight.

Another simpler alternative for anyone who can't see the similarities, would be to insert coloured arrows in each of the two photos for each of the seven points at the end of reply 12, and place the photos close together. Such as:

Red: PLSS behind plume deflector? Same place, both are just rotated clockwise.
Bright green: Three cat's-claw shadows with two touching flagpole shadow? Same place, just rotated up.
Purple: Piece of equipment beyond flag shadow and casting triangular shadow? Same, rotated to top centre.
Yellow: Shadow of tiny sharp crater just above MET shadow? Same, both are just rotated.
Blue: Darkest shadow in S-Band antenna shadow almost touching tiny crater? Same.
Chartreuse with a subtle aroma of lavender: Rock at 3 o'clock from flag? Same, right on the edge of the DAC stills.
Fifty shades of light grey with very subtle hints of stale sweat: Flag and flagpole shadows? Rotated to almost where the flag was.
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