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TVIW Power of Synergy Space Symposium
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:23:07 AM »
This October 23-25th, the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop is hosting a special symposium at the Y-12 New Hope Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  The overall thrust of the TVIW Power of Synergy Space Symposium is how to use existing, mature technologies to catalyze and greatly expand space exploration, commercialization, industrialization and settlement within the next decade.

The symposium is broken into 4 main themes:
-   Enabling Large-Scale Space Development and Human Expansion
-   Catalytic & Affordable Synergistic Breakthrough Concepts & Technologies
-   Towards a Transformative Decadal Plan
-   Ultimate Paths to the Future (The science fiction-to-fact relationship)

Each theme is organized around a keynote address, panel discussions and round-table discussions.  Participants include Robert Zubrin (founder of the Mars Society), Jim Powell (inventor of superconducting mag-lev), Mark Uhran (former Director of the ISS Division at NASA HQ), plus representatives from Marshall Space Flight Center, the U.S. Department of Energy, ARPA and Oak Ridge National Lab, and many more from government and industry.

The “Ultimate Paths to the Future” workshop is chaired by SF writer Catherine Asaro.  It will discuss imaginative science fiction has influenced today’s inventors and industries, current limits in physics, breakthrough technologies, and ponders the social and ethical implications of advanced technologies.

The website for the symposium is

Registration is open to the public.  I am definitely attending.  If you know of anyone in aerospace or is a layman like me with a passion for the future, let them know.

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