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Re: The Trump Presidency
« Reply #450 on: July 12, 2018, 05:30:26 PM »
Yes, I really do hope the Democrats realise what a disaster to the US he is, and actually do something about it!

More on the Australian perspective:

But Trump is unpicking America's position in Asia. And there's not much that Mattis or the remaining "adults in the room" can do about it. So far this year the President has imposed punitive tariffs on Asian allies and partners, legitimised Kim Jong-un's despotic regime without securing any denuclearisation goals, failed to consult allies before cancelling joint military exercises in north-east Asia, and started a trade war that will harm the entire region.

This assault on America's leadership role in the Indo-Pacific couldn't come at a worse time for Australia and its regional partners. As power is shifting from the US to China, Canberra's preferred mode for regional order – the maintenance of an American "security umbrella" – is no longer realistic.

Middle powers like Australia and Japan are thus struggling to advance an Indo-Pacific strategy in which like-minded nations take on greater responsibilities for helping the US maintain a "balance of power" vis-a-vis China. But while America's national security establishment is on board with this strategy, Trump's wrecking ball approach to the region is making an Indo-Pacific balance harder to achieve.

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Re: The Trump Presidency
« Reply #451 on: July 18, 2018, 10:50:26 AM »
OK. We now have the spectacle of the most powerful man in the world saying "Oops! In my official press conference, when I said I DIDN'T think there was a chance Russia meddled in the election, I meant to say I DID. Just a pesky typo. My bad."

Also EXTREMELY interesting that in the shot of his notes, he'd crossed out by hand the bit about bringing those responsible to justice.

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Re: The Trump Presidency
« Reply #452 on: July 18, 2018, 05:18:45 PM »
Is America really facing the nightmare scenario, a president beholden to a foreign power, and acting in the best interests of that foreign power?

Could Putin really have some dirt on Trump, sufficient to to effectively make Trump his bitch!

Now, I am aware that Rachel Maddow is biased and very Liberal leaning news presenter. However, I am also aware that she was delivering EXACTLY what is in that indictment, quoted word for word. I know this because I have read the entire thing. You can read all 29 pages of the indictment here.

or download it from here...

There is no other word for it but staggering. In these circumstances, I doesn't matter what the presenter's bias is, the wording of the indictment doesn't change and is there for all to see. The degree of detail is astonishing.
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Re: The Trump Presidency
« Reply #453 on: July 18, 2018, 06:07:03 PM »
Is America really facing the nightmare scenario, a president who beholden to a foreign power, and is acting in the best interests of that foreign power?

Not just the President.  Based on their behavior, a good chunk of GOP Congressmen and Senators are on the take as well. 

Things are getting scary.  Apparently Putin has asked Trump to provide former diplomats Michael McFaul and Bill Browder for "questioning".  The right answer to that is "not NO but HELL NO and piss off for even asking the question", but apparently Trump's answer was, "we'll think about it and get back to you." 

At Helsinki, Trump, the big, strong, manly daddy figure of the big hands and large dingus to the white trash in America's heartland, rolled over like a puppy for Putin to scratch his belly.  I've been reluctant to use the "T" word before now out of fear of sounding hyperbolic.  No more.

This President and his inner circle personally benefited from a years-long psyop campaign waged by a long-time geopolitical adversary, and is now returning the favor by undoing decades of American leadership and foreign policy, at the expense of longtime allies and American citizens alike.  This President is apparently willing (or, not immediately discounting the request as ridiculous) to turn American citizens over to this same longtime adversary because they asked nicely

Honest-to-God spies have wormed their way in to the personal and professional lives of policy makers and lobbyists.  This is Joe McCarthy's nightmare scenario writ large, and the Republicans are up to their goddamned eyeballs in it.  The reason congressional Republicans have been reluctant to protect Mueller?  They know that if this investigation goes on long enough, they'll start appearing in the indictments themselves. 

GEORGE FREAKING WILL is telling everyone to vote Democrat in November.  Even if that Democrat is the most horrible person you can imagine.  The House and Senate must be turned over completely.