Author Topic: My personal experience with Hoax claims vs. Reality  (Read 1379 times)

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Re: My personal experience with Hoax claims vs. Reality
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2019, 08:38:06 AM »
Hi Apollo Enshusiast, and even if you;'re a long time lurker, welcome anyway

One of the key things for me that brings me to understand that the Apollo Programme was real (apart from the fact that I was 14 at the time of Apollo 11 and experienced A11 to A17 over the course of my early teens) is that fact that no matter what you investigate, everything, and I mean everything is self consistent. All aspects of Apollo spacecraft design, development and construction adhere to well understood and well tested engineering principles. There are no no gaping holes in the technology.

However, on the other side of the argument, this is not so. Hoax Believers' entire basis for the hoax is based on the failure of reality to match their personal expectations. Certain things, they say, "don't look right" or "shouldn't act that way", and big part of that this down to their own failure to properly understand that they have spent their entire lives living on a planet with an atmosphere and 1G of gravity, and they can't make the transition to understand that what they are looking at is how things look and act on a planet with 1/6G and a no atmosphere. jrknowing's latest nonsense about lunar regolith is a prime example of that failure to make the transition of understand what you are looking at.

However, there is another issue here, and that is, even if NASA had wanted to perpetrated a hoax, there are certain key aspects of such a hoax that would have been impossible to fake. One of those was filming the lunar surface operations. While you might think that this would be relatively simple it would have been utterly impossible in 1969, in fact, it is still impossible today, even with modern CGI techniques. The 2009 movie "Moon" and the 2011 movie "Apollo 18", despite both having pretty damned advanced CGI techniques available to them, utterly failed to show the low-g/vacuum environment correctly. In fact, there is really only one way to film shots that look like 1/6th G/vacuum, and that is to shoot it in 1/6G/vacuum. HBs would have you believe it was shot on a sound stage at Area 51 in NV, and then slowed down to fake the moon walking. Uh Uh. It doesn't work.  It would take 100% CGI to fake lunar surface operations... and they didn't even have anything remotely like CGI at all in the late 1960s.

Furthermore, the lunar surface operations were shown around he world live, as they happened. Much of it ran uninterrupted for hours; there are reasons why that was impossible too, but I'll let an expert explain why...

That video along with its follow up, a rebuttal to the blunder are great examples of what the HB crowd ignores.
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Re: My personal experience with Hoax claims vs. Reality
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Yes, both great videos by Collin's but I'm very surprised at the ridiculously lower viewer count of the "For Jarrah" video vs "Moon Hoax Not". Especially since it goes into much greater detail about the topic.

Edit: Oops! I didn't realize he took down his original "Moon Hoax Not" video and replaced it with a "Comments Disabled" version. Much less viewer count than the original. Too bad, I loved pointing out to Hunchedbacked and Blunderboy about how that one video of Collins had more views than all of theirs combined in no time at all. Really helped to put into perspective how the moon hoax theory isn't as highly thought of as they and other hoax believers claim.
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Re: My personal experience with Hoax claims vs. Reality
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I invited him to come here, but he said, he had "done his bit for queen and country". Exact quote.

Yeah, that sounds like him.  Last I talked to him in person (last summer), then sentiment was that I and others with engineering backgrounds do a far better job than he of addressing this particular fringe theory.  "I would rather stick my head in a beehive than debate JayUtah," is also an exact quote.  He's more interested these days in less controversial outreach efforts.  And raising goats.  I don't blame him.  Each of those activities is ultimately more rewarding and less stressful.
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